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Lecture 4

EDUC 108 Lecture 4: Week 4 Gender EDU 108

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EDUC 108

GENDER IN ADOLESCENCE: Instrumental traits: -describing those who act on and influence the world - more common to males Expressive traits: -describing emotional functioning and interpersonal relationships - more common to females The Binary Myth: “Either or” Gender: -refers to the social categories of male and female Sex: -refers to the biological status of males and females → neither of these things comes solely in “one or the other” Cis gender: you identify with your biological gender It’s hard to separate culture from biology Family, Peers, and School: Different Gender Socialization: -socializing boys and girls according to different expectations -creates an understanding of what is appropriate gendered behavior -reflects a cultural belief about gender -it may be done unconsciously -study: 90% of all infants observed at a shopping mall were wearing gender specific clothing (in color and style) *why are condoms located in the women’s section?* Cognitive Developmental Theory of Gender: -gender is a fundamental way of organizing ideas about the world Age 3: understand themselves as being either male or female Age 4 or 5: identify things as appropriate for either males/ females Age 6 to 10: perceptions of gender become less rigid Age 12 to 16
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