EDUC 130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Credit Card Debt, Joe Camel, Girl Scouts Of The Usa

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17 Jan 2018
We all have our own stuff- it's how Capitalism works.
Capitalism- an economic system where trade and industries are privately owned (as opposed to state-owned) and are
out there to make money. Highest quality for the best price.
Macrosystem- common beliefs and ideologies. Big ideas. Technology is part of macrosystem. Technology being part of
what influences the other systems.
You make your own money- private. If the gov't doesn't get too involved with trade, then the economy will thrive.
Capitalism- economic setup, democracy- government setup.
You do the work, you keep the money.
Businesses want to make money. So they shorten maternal leave. 6 weeks to 3 months.
Technology capitalism
Mom going to
Interaction between Micro
Family situation
Can't differentiate between cartoon
And commercial until 8 y/o
And then they learn the commercial
Wants them to buy something
12 y/o- learn power of persuasion
Dangerous- when kids are being
Advertised to, and don't know they
are. It's 360* effect.
In capitalism, there's trickle-down
effect, and all who advertise to kids
are manipulating them, and it's a
problem because it's there all the time.
There's a case of the "wants"-
Instant gratification
The thing you really want to have that you
don't need. Economic problem. Credit card debt
Environmental problem- eventually, everything
ends up in the dump. The more stuff you buy, the
more ends up in the landfill.
Our minds are being messed with, and we become
brand loyal for life.
Problem 2- materialistic. Environmental overkill,
Direct impact on kids- increase in bodyweight and
Increase in obesity- soda, candy, sugar cereal- if you see their advertisements, you're more likely to
want it.
Cross-promotion. Kids want the stuff- and they're more likely to eat it. For younger bodies, they need to
be eating healthy foods more often.
Kids don't know they're being persuaded, and they have to have it.
Body image and eating disorders- unrealistic expectations. Young women get the idea they should be looking like that. "Look how you're supposed to look"-
unrealistic expectations. Poor body image. Girl scouts paired with Barbie.
Ads that kids see- there's a link between violence and aggression, and what they see on screen.
Use of alcohol+Tobacco. Joe Camel- eventually anti-tobacco people said it is aiming at kids.
Budweiser- they used frogs. Not aimed at adults. They get the brand loyalty bc they're being persuaded to. Overly marketed on particular product. Fallout- body
image, health and weight, aggression, alcohol.
Wednesday, January 17, 2018 12:01 PM
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