EDUC 130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Sesame Workshop

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25 Jan 2018
Understanding the building blocks of what's going on with media/tech and how it affects kids.
Today we're going into how it can be useful.
he and piaget are very different because V says kids learn through social interaction, P says
kids learn through interaction w their environment.
Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development
The inbetween place where you can learn with a bit of help with someone else.
Sweet spot, where it's not too easy, but not too hard. You can learn something, but not on your own.
Media and tech can be the scaffolding
Before you use media/tech, you must first try it out, and then see if it's beneficial to the age group
Piaget says it's all about interaction with the evironment.
Vygotsky fits into Bronfenbrenner
Bronfenbrenner says everything fits in some context to the child.
Vygotsky is the mesosystem
people in the microsystem and how they interact with the child.
Mesosystem is how they interact with the mircosystem.
Based on research from Wartella, how can media/tech serve as proxies for each age group?
Early Childhood
Elementary School
Sesame workshop
malaria, hiv
Ipads for kinder, learn
more when sharing than
when playing alone.
Using tech for infants
and toddlers right now is
not a good idea. Only
way you should use it is
Blue's Clues,
Sharing devices.
The device isn't the
proxy, as much as it
is the social
Social media is how they interact with each other, and
that is part of their social development
cultural tool
Identity exploration. You find things you like, you're
interested in, or people agree with, or want to be like.
A way to find out about things that might be of
interest to you to form who you are. Might not feel
comfortable asking an adult about it, so going online to
look it up becomes an option.
Wednesday, January 24, 2018 12:00 PM
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