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Lecture 79

EURO ST 10 Lecture Notes - Lecture 79: Freemasonry, Deism, Super Bowl

European Studies
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John Smith

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Professor Smith
Europe Studies 10
Course Code: 24000
4 units
2018 Fall Quarter
March and chorale, opening of Act 2
How would you describe the music and the demeanor of the brotherhood”
What does the music make you think of?
The solemnity of this music is reminiscent of a religious hymn
After all, it takes place in one of Sarastro’s temples
But it’s supposed to capture their rationality as well
So what’s the connection?
The process by which religious symbols and institutions lose their significance
The general separation of religious from non-religious social realms (usually also
connected to the privatization” of religious practice)
The disenchantment of the world” (max weber)that comes with increased
Yet not not simply a disappearance of religion from society
Secularization also involves the way religious symbols wander into other
spheres or the way non-religious symbols take the place of religious ones, but the
structures stay the same
Sunday afternoon football or the superbowl?
The cult of stardom?
Or temples” of culture/business
Think of your own examples!
The Temple of Sarastro…
What is on the three doors?
Vernunft”, Natur”, Weisheit”
Reason”, Nature, Wisdom
What kind of a temple” is this?
Another enlightened public sphere
First group founded in England in 1717
Originally based on the guilds of bricklayers and builders
Spread to Europe in 1728 and the American colonies in 1730s
Meetings in “lodges” or temples”
A secret” society
Freemason comes from the fact that they only used the symbols
of masonry and architecture
Traced their roots back to ancient Egypt
Believed in supreme being as Great Geometer or architect of the universe
Hence related to deism
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