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Lecture 87

EURO ST 10 Lecture Notes - Lecture 87: Jacobin, Maximilien Robespierre, Radicalization

European Studies
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John Smith

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Professor Smith
Europe Studies 10
Course Code: 24000
4 units
2018 Fall Quarter
Maximillien de Robespierre
Lawyer and politician in the Estates General
Advocate for poor and universal (male) suffrage
Head of the Jacobin Club”
Radical measures to save and extend the principle of the revolution
Ruled from 1793-1794
Radicalization of the enlightenment and revolution
Robespierre and The Magic Flute?
Does the ending of the opera give us a warning about what could be
Banishment of other:
The author of nature linked all mortals together in an immense chain of
love and happiness. Perish the tyrants who have dared to break it
Frenchmen, Republicans, it is up to you to cleanse the earth they have sullied...”
Generous people, do you want to triumph over all your enemies”
Recall the Marseillaise
Reign of Terror
The period in the Revolution from mid 1792 to mid 1793
Ruled by the Jacobins mostly under Robespierre
Revolution was threatened by outside forces
Execution of King Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette
Extension of many values of revolution to the poor
But also the age of the guillotine (between 10,000 and 40,000 individuals
executed) as the Jacobins insisted of the purity of the revolution
Robespierre himself in 1793
Joseph-Ignace Guilltin argued for capital punishment before the National Assembly
A new kind of equality
Article 1: all offences of the same kind will be punished by the same type of
punishments irrespective of the rank or status of the guilty party
Article 2: whenever the law imposes the death penalty, irrespective of the nature
of the offence, the punishment shall be the same: decapitation, effected by means
of a simple mechanism
He was put in charge of a committee to develop the mechanism that would
inflict death, without pain
In other words, a scientific approach
Does scientific rationalism flip here into its opposite?
Dialectic of enlightenment
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