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Lecture 14

EURO ST 10 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Sebastian Vrancx, New High German, Worldchanging

European Studies
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John Smith

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Professor Smith
Europe Studies 10
Course Code: 24000
4 units
2018 Fall Quarter
Course Notes
The Thirty Years War
Hans Jacob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen: The Adventurous Simplicius
Simplicissimus Der Abenteurliche Simplicius Simpliccissimus, Teutsch (1669)
From Economics to religious/political war
The Protestant Reformation had one (unintended) consequences that it created
one (major) condition for the rise of capitalism
Namely, an “ascetic” ethos of work
That consequence led to world-changing developments as embodied in the global
trading companies of the 17th century
Not by chance, they were dutch…
But Europe was also in the grips of war for much of the 17th century
The Dutch Provinces vs. Spain, e.g.
From 1618-1648 the German territories were ravaged
Nation-states have replaced empires and religious affiliations would be indicated
on in specialty maps
This week is about how this change came about
Big Picture
From a long period of relative stability...based largely on the hierarchy of the
Roman Catholic Church… confrontation…
You make it clear that this peace and tranquility of the flesh are to you far more
important than faith, conscience, salvation, the world of god, the glory of Christ
and God himself. therefore , let me tell you, and I beg you to let it sink deep into
your mind, I am concerned with a serious, vital, and eternal verity, yes such a
fundamental one, that it ought to be maintained and defended at the cost of life
itself, and even though the whole world should not only be thrown into turmoil
and fighting, but shattered in chaos, and reduced to nothing
Luther to Erasmus, from the diatribe on the free will war
Soldiers plundering a farm (Sebastian Vrancx)
That is, one key aspect of the foundations of modernity is the 150 years of
uncertainty and instability and violence from ca. 1500 to 1650 caused by the
wars of religion”
Modernity is an attempt to provide a new kind of stability (nation state
[sovereignty], politics, secular philosophy, science - and capitalism?)
Keep this big picture in mind as I give you some details of the war
Last time, we saw other ways of mitigating the new instability of modernity
1. Risk management
2. Governmentality
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