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Emily Rosenberg

WEEK 3: STUDY GUIDE (April 15) Overall themes of course: • People (Monday classes) o Who are “Americans?”: Immigration, mobility, race/ethnicity, gender • Money (Wednesday classes) o How have Americans lived?: The changing modes of production and consumption; wealth and poverty • Power (Friday classes) o How have Americans governed?: The growth of federal government; rise of US power in world Specific topics of this week: World War I and the 1920s • Monday People: How different groups of Americans coped with immigrant restriction, racial divides, and new roles for women and men. • Wednesday Money: How a system of mass production and mass consumption accelerated time and compressed space. • Friday Power: How the U.S. flooded the world with products and money while remaining politically aloof. Reading/Writing assignment for this week: Assignment: Read LEP, Chapt. 23 and Chapt. 24 Section Assignment: Advertising Images: Rise of Consumerism • The website holds a wonderful collection of advertisements. Go to the section that presents the ads by “date” and study various types of ads from the 1910s and 1920s to see how they might illuminate some of our “people” and “money” themes: upward social mobility, gender roles, mass consumerism. Also check out an issue of one of the new mass-marketed magazines of the 1920s (Your Car) at bin/ampage?collId=amrlgs&fileName=yc1page.db&recNum=3&itemLink=r? ammem/coolbib:@field([email protected](amrlgs+yc1)). Browse this magazine’s Table of Contents and some of its features (eg image # 20) for class discussion. • Come to section ready to discuss how using advertisements as primary sources can help you understand the social, cultural, and economic history of the 1900s and 1920s. What kinds of products were becoming widespread and what kinds of advertising appeals were made and to whom. [See “Analyzing Visual Images and Primary Documents” guide on the website.] What was the role of new mass media (mass circulation magazines)? How did the new consumer society of the 1920s reflect and affect our themes of PEOPLE, MONEY, and POWER? Your TA will ask you to present your analysis of some ad(s) that you may select. • Short Quiz today over Study Guide, Weeks one, two and three Study guide: Identifications (be able to identify each term in a sentence and then provide a few sentences describing its SIGNIFICANCE in terms of the themes of the “overall the
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