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Lecture 31

HISTORY 36B Lecture Notes - Lecture 31: Cimon

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Austin Maldanado
Professor Brusuelas
History 36 B
i. Death of Pericles
1. The conditions of life and the plague led to moments of lawlessness in
2. Athenians wanted to sue for peace
a. Defying Pericles wishes
3. Athenians vote to find Pericles and remove him from the board of 10
4. Nothing changes, war drags on
5. Pericles voted back on the board of ten generals but dies of the plague
ii. Demagogues - means leader of the people
1. The preference for men from old aristocratic to be in important
government offices comes to an end
a. Before Athenians felt most comfortable with political power in the
hands of men from old, aristocratic families such as Cimon and
2. Men from wealthy families (from business) begin to compete
3. Demagogues/demagogia (leader of the people) appears in Aristophanes
Knights in 424 BCE
4. In its pejorative meaning - politician who manipulates voters for his own
iii. Cleon
1. Anti-aristocratic owner of a temporary business
2. Anti-intellectual
a. Advocates a policy of harsh consistency
i. Spoke to defend the decision to give punishment to
Mytileneans, they deserved it
b. Bad laws that stay the same are better than good laws that change
c. Intellectuals want to seem wiser than the laws, they are the
downfall of cities because they want to top whatever nonsense is
said in public assemblies
d. Questioned the worth of a democracy and worth of free speech,
3. Talented public speaker
4. Never held the generalship
5. Powerful politician in athens after Pericles
6. Often mocked in the comedies of Aristophanes
iv. Revolt of Mytilene
1. On Lesbos, Mytilene led four cities in revolt against Athens, Athenian
Empire starts to break
2. The war had been going back and forth between Athens (navy) and Sparta
3. Sparta granted Mytilene an alliance and assistance
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