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Lecture 18

HISTORY 36B Lecture 18: History 36 B Lecture Slides 18

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Austin Maldanado
Professor Brusuelas
History 36 B
a. The archidamian war (lecture slide 18, textbook 327-332) - war between Delian (led by
Athens) and Peloponnesian league (led by Sparta)
i. The Archidamian War 431 - 421 BCE
1. Periclean strategy - Pericles (general of athens)
a. Harass the Peloponnesus with the navy
b. Have all athenians abandon their homes/farms and take refuge
behind the long walls
i. Essentially making the city an island
ii. Food and other necessary goods would be imported by ship
c. Sparta would get bored, retreat, and return to diplomacy
i. Tired of ravaging the land when nobody came to fight
ii. Sue for peace
2. Spartan Strategy
a. Athenian population would be cramped/uncomfortable in the city
b. Grow frustrated seeing their land ravaged
c. Force change of government/seek peace
i. Overrule Pericles and come out to fight
3. Athenians who had relatives in the city moved in with them, but most had
to seek out empty space or sleep in temples/shrines (basically as
refugees/suppliants seeking protection)
4. Casualties low, but both athens and sparta gambled badly on how long
each would hold out
5. Pericles funeral oration in thucydides (his recollection)
a. All about athens, not the dead
b. Wise form of government is the foundation of the good life
c. Literary, intellectual, and artistic athens can compete with
militarized sparta
ii. The plague
1. Spread quickly in the overcrowded unsanitary conditions in Athens
2. Uncertain what disease exactly it was
a. DNA analysis suggests typhoid fever
3. Symptoms
a. Attacked head and eyes
b. Throat and tongue swelled blood red
c. Vomiting of bile
d. Extreme fever/body temperature
e. Unquenchable thirst
4. Survivors often lost fingers, toes, eyes, even genitals
5. About a third of the population probably died
iii. Death of Pericles
1. The conditions of life and the plague led to moments of lawlessness in
2. Athenians wanted to sue for peace
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