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Lecture 28

HISTORY 36B Lecture 28: History 36 B Lecture 28

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Professor Brusuelas
History 36 B
Pisistratus Rule
Kept Solon’s reforms
Rigged elections to ensure Archons were his friends and supporters
Maintained a standing mercenary army
Held children of potential enemies as hostages
Pisistratus Policies
Offered land and loans to needy
Increased exports of olive oil and attic pottery
Minted the first silver “owls”, silver coins
Foreign policy
Along with Naxos, established alliances in the Aegean and Thrace
Domestic policy
infrastructure/building project
Provided jobs
Athens as cultural and public center
Build first aqueduct, temple of Athena on Acropolis
More housing in the city (more dwellers more actual voting)
Pisistratus Cultural Policies
Commissioned definitive texts of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey and added
recitations of Homer to the Panathenaic festival, large festival celebrated every
four years
Created the greater and lesser Dionysia festivals
534 BCE competition in tragic drama became part of the Dionysia
At the panathenaic festival, the procession bringing to Athena’s temple the
woolen dress woven by Athenian girls instituted
End of the Tyranny
After Pisistratus death, athens ruled by his sons Hippias and Hipparchus
Sons continued to act as patrons of art and culture
Brought Simonides of Ceos and Anacreon of Teos to Athens
In 514 Hipparchus, rejected by Harmodius, insults Harmodius sister by not
allowing her to carry a basket in the Panathenaic festival
Harmodius and his lover Aristogiton plot to assassinate Hippias and
Botched attempt resulted only in the death of Hipparchus
Tyranny goes from peaceful to invasive/oppressive under a paranoid Hippias
Supposedly the Alcmaeonids rigged the Oracle at Delphi, so that every time the
Spartans consulted the Oracle: First Free Athens
In 510 the Spartans under King Cleomenes drives Hippias out of Athens, under
the condition that Athens joins the Peloponnesian League
The Tyrannicides Harmodius and Aristogiton, as well as their homosexual
relationship, was lauded and celebrated in art and literature
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