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Selling War (Part two!) Wednesday, February 26, 2014 10:53 AM Basic Ideas from Lecture "Graveyards as pretty but the ugly bodies are below Just like war , we glamorize , polish it , glorify it , but the ugliness lies beneath it" We ( United States )are not heroes , we are merely exterminators Clips like Vietnam are no longer shown in today's war Vietnam syndrome- is public outcry towards the way the US military treated the Vietnamese during the war, in other words there was little public support . Operation Desert Storm Lets make sure that this public outcry doesn’t happen again, or ensure public support News reporters no longer are allowed on field 1991 war against Iraq is the first of televised military spectacle, yet we don't see anything , everything is staged Journalists become imbedded with military and are spoon fed the news Fourth Estate to Fourth Front How can you make informed decisions if you don't have news necessary to you News is no longer impartial bodies , press becomes part of the military War against us? Have we turned into the enemy ? The war is against us essentially , media is directed towards swaying us to be supporting t
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