Selling war 3

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University of California - Irvine
Molly Burke

Selling war 3 Monday, March 3, 2014 11:02 AM Feeling that show is real, what is real? Stunning Impact of 24. Is 24 encouraging soldiers to torture Images of 24 are disturbing and desensitize audience.Marines and Pentagon got concerned that this show influence officers to torture. 7- 8 people get tortured in second season alone. What is 24 if not a big ticking time bomb scenario? 24 acts as repeated ticking time bomb scenario. There is a single individual that knows that there is a weapon and the truth must be extracted. - 24 logic Jack Bauer's influence is seen in actual military uses of torture and "interrogation" What is real? Pain is real. We know when we are in pain. "The Body inPain " relates to this lecture. Torture is a mechanism to turn in incommunicable pain. Torture turns pain into a show, and a spectacle of power. Torture destroys capacity for language. Body in pain is converted to insignia of power or emblem of regime's strength . Torture is a grotesque piece of compensatory drama ( Scarry) Vision of Power, who are we identified , based on angle shots. Audience is placed in male gaze. This is the position of power , subject of gaze is female. Nanny is made object of gaze. Where is the camera placing
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