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Lecture 10

HUMAN 1C Lecture 10: Constructing Refugee Narratives

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Rodrigo Lazo

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May 3, 2017 Lecture 10: Constructing Refugee Narratives • “Vietnamization” strategy • Paris PeaceAccords 1973 • Vietnam War “ends” on April 30, 1975 • Socialist Republic of Vietnam • refugee status ◦ vague and general ◦ “well-founded fear” ◦ each country has their own definition of who qualifies as a refugee • seeking asylum and granting asylum • internally displaced persons Militarized Displacement and Resettlement • Indochina Migration and RefugeeAct 1975 • U.S. refugee camps • dispersion and assimilation policies Moral Obligations and Responsibilities? • question of whether refugees should be admitted ◦ majority answer no ◦ negative images of communists, “gooks” • Ron Kovic – patrioticAmerican who volunteered to serve ◦ become anti-war advocate after losing a limb ◦ taking in refugees when veterans are being cared for • support for anti-imperialist North • land and “boat people” refugees ◦ gold in clothes – pirates steal, rape, and kidnap • ethnic Chinese Vietnamese • international humanitarian crisis
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