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Lecture 2

HUMAN 1C Lecture 2: 1.2 Trans-Atlantic Slavery

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University of California - Irvine
Professor Block

1.2 Introduction and Overview European perspectives on Africans - Gender and sexuality define civilization Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade - Slave trading coast - Middle passage - Construction of race, control of bodies Europeans on Africa - Ethnographic Voyeurism - ethnography, study of people according to their customs or beliefs - Voyeurism, enjoy watching sexual acts, or sexualising Sex as sign of (non) civilization - John Lok, 1554 voyage to Guinea - “People of beastly living” [regarding to AA’s] - “Women[AA] are common[uncivilized]” - Creating the human hierarchy - Leo Africanus “Description of Africa” 1550 - “Hayrie skinnes” = wearing skins of animals with the fur still intact , depicting themselves as animals - Leman = mistress, elicit lover [sexualization of Africa] - Lived a brutish and savage life, without any Kind, Governour - “Husbandry” - taking care of domestic animals [economic perspective] - Childbirth as a sign of Savagery - Easy childbirth [Europeans believed AA’s had a very easy childbirth] - European narrative (1625) - “Doe their business” - Animal-like - Focus on childbirth - Breastfeeding as a sign of Otherness/Savagery - Barbarism - Through 1700s - Focusing on women’s bodies to define the hierarchies of human of Europeans v. AA’s - Can't tell a man and a women apart, besides her breast - Continuously compares the women’s breast to an animal - Sexuality Naturalizes Slavery, 1600s - Richard Ligon, History of Barbados, (1657) - Ethnographic Voyeurism - Enslaved: “as Cows do” → referring to how they choose their partners Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Slave Factories: the Littoral → refers to the coastal area near a body of water, but historians talk about when captives become slaves, humans become commodities Captives become Commodities - Violence - Economic efficiency - “Scientific” enterprise - Control depletion of life - Slaves cannot attend burials - Slavery in africa v. slave through trans-atlantic, slavery in africa can communicate with their respective families whereas through trans-atlantic slavery, you cannot - Gender
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