I&C SCI 33 Lecture 6: [Regex II]

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Information and Computer Science
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I&C SCI 33
Richard Pattis

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Lecture 6 [Regex II]  Friday, April 14, 2017  9:46 AM  *Generally, the functions discussed in this lecture operate on a regular expression pattern (specified by a string) and text (also specified by a string).    re functions: called like re.match(...) the module name prefaces the function  • Returns a regex (compiled pattern) object (see calling methods on regex below)  compile(pattern, Creates compiled pattern object  [,flags])    • Returns a match object, consisting of tuple of groups (0,1,...)  match(pattern, Matches start at the text's beginning  text [,flags])  search(pattern, Matches can start anywhere in the text  text [,flags])    • Returns a list of string/of tuples of string (the groups), specifying matches  findall(pattern, Matches can start anywhere in the text; the next attempted text [,flags])  match starts one character after the previous match terminates.    • Returns a iterable of the information returned by findall (ignore this one)  finditer(pattern, Returns iterable equivalent of findall  text [,flags])    • Returns a list of strings: much like calling text.split(...)  split(pattern, like the text.split(...) method, but using a regular text [,maxsplit, expressions pattern to determine how to split the text: flags])  re.split('\.|­', 'a.b­c') returns ['a','b','c']    • Returns a string  sub(pattern, repl, in text, replace pattern by repl (which may refer to matched text, [,count, groups via \# (e.g. \1) or \g, (e.g., \g<1>), or \g flags])  (where name comes from ?P) or a function that is passed a match object); if there is no match, then it just returns
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