INTL ST 130 Lecture 2: TransnationalGangs Lecture 2 & 3

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International Studies

Lecture 2: 11216 Third Generation Gangs Evolved political aims Operate or aspire to operate globally Use sophistication to garner power, aid financial acquisition and engage in mercenary type activities Operate like a military Human trafficking, money laundering, arms trafficking, involved in politics Can generate the economic and military power to equal or better that of many nation states Have a propensity for indiscriminate violence, intimidation, coercion, transcending borders, and targeting nation states Pose significant national security threats Are both a regional and transnational gang phenomenon What can be expected? This pits nonstate actors (for example, warlords, drug cartels, or insurgents) directly against nation states and requires a relatively effective war making capability Cartels: no budget, unlimited supply of money used for bribery El Guiso: burning victims alive Transnational Gangs La Familia: gang that generates most methamphetamine American gang phenomenon is now encountered in foreign countries American style gang crime is seen and violence has become a tool Violence is a result of globalization and the poverty and marginalization that grip the region Many of Central Americas maras are branches of gangs in the United States Lecture 3: 11717 Deportation from US Street gangs have been reported throughout Central America since the 1950s MS13 and 18th reported in academic literature in the 1990s (did NOT start in Central America) US Deportation laws change in 1996 US Deportation is not the primary cause of gang growth in Central America They contribute, but they are not the cause Total: 314, 377 people deported back to their countries Gang population represents only 1.74 of the deported immigrant population American gang population is less than 1 of the population Misrepresented in American media
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