LPS 60 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Natural Philosophy, Secondary Source, Whig History

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Published on 11 Apr 2017
LPS lecture 1
Course Outcomes!
- read primary and secondary source
- developments of science!
1. Midterm and Final (30% each) all questions will be from study guide (given 3 choose
2) get bluebooks!
2. Weekly Online Reading Comprehension Quizzes (15%) due every!Sunday 7 p.m.
(drops lowest score) two attempts to take the quiz
3. Weekly Short Response Essay!(15%) submit by Monday 9 a.m. send in hard copy at
discussion (typed one page)
4. Attendance/participation (10%) 😃!
Late work docked 10% each day 😔 except for quizzes
Course Outline to Midterm 😛!
A. Beginnings of natural philosophy in ancient Greece - Article philosophy of science, Greek
Biology, Astrology and Astronomy, Early Mathematics
B. Natural Philosophy in the Golden Age of Islam 1800-1300 b.c. - transmission of greek texts,
Islamic philosophy, discoveries optics, alchemy and pre-chemistry!! !
C. Development in Medieval and Renaissance Europe - pre-university!
!it is everywhere, society and culture
crucial to understand some basic features of science
!! !What is science and how does it differ from unscientific things?
science is based on facts, has a better way to get to truth
can change based on how we think about it
look at the historical developments of science
we can never assume science is always the same , but its continuously changing!
study when and how the scientific method was developed
scientific revolution in the 16th and 17th centuries
science is objectively independent!
We aim to examine the common view of nature of science:
1. what distinguishes science from non science
2. how did science become prominent in society
3. is science rooted in governments, economics, and religion?
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