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Nicole Mitchell

Music 78 Notes 2/25/14 ~Charlie Parker’s improvisational approach had a big influence on today’s jazz education methods: true ~Thelonious Monk’s style of piano playing was easy to imitate: False b/c his style was very complex, overlapping chords, didn’t play’virtuosotically’, he used dissonance (minor 2nds), he used more space and silencing in his playing, had a signature move called a descending hold tone, didn’t use pedal when playing, ~Bebop is considered a dance music: False—beats were much faster than swing so difficult to keep up; made it mainly for listening for reflection/for a social stratosphere ~In the 50s, many jazz musicians did not respect Bebop: true b/c jazz was starting to get respect as a new music form vs the subtle, tasteful playing before Bebop AACM ~identified themselves as creative musicians, not jazz musicians (separated themselves from that definition) ~during a time when taxes put on club owners  motivated musicians to make opportunities for themselves ~nonprofit, collective organization of musicians—didn’t like looking at themselves as individuals ~independence, community, educational component were important ~creative freedom, discovery, exploration, originality Muhal Richard Abrams -pianist/composer -co-founder of theAACM -started with Sun Ra -Started the AACM experimental band, which grew into the AACM -major impact on the creative direction of theAACM -performs and records work in jazz and new music George Lewis -trombonist/composer/electronic musician/
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