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Lecture 1

PHYSICS H90 Lecture 1: physicswk1lec1Premium

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Jonathan Lee Feng

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Jessica Mangold
Physics H90
Professor Feng
Week 1 Lecture 1
Lecture 1: Course Introduction, Our Senses
Course Introduction
- making sense of our senses -> science about observing world & making sense of it
- learn about the world through our senses
- the big 5: sight, taste, hearing, touch, smell
- pain
- thermal sensitivity
- balance, movement
- which one is the most important? which would you miss the most?
- most people would say sight & hearing
Course Content
- sound & light are topics of great everyday importance
- largely how we learn about the world
- will focus on physics aspects: their production, transmission, & a little about how we
receive & experience them
- sound & light are also topics of great beauty
- much of what we consider beautiful (music, art, nature, etc.) we experience
through sound & light
- sound & light have similar & elegant underlying descriptions in terms of wave
- organization of this course:
- Part 1: Wave Motion
- Part 2: Sound & Music
- Part 3: Light & Color
Course Goals & Philosophy
- goals
- learn about sound & light
- learn how scientists make sense of world (“Idiom of Science”)
- philosophy
- CHP course have a lot of freedom & a lot of responsibility
- assume no prior physics & very little math
- mainly algebra, some familiarity with sines & cosines
- will be exposed to some more mind-blowing concepts, like quantum mechanics &
- lots of hands-on activities, many cool lecture demonstrations
- lecture activities require student participation both individually & in groups
- group participation, but not group evaluation
- attendance at lecture is required
- want to understand lots of observations in as simple a way as possible
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