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Political Science

Pol Sci 51A Nations and Society Lecture 6 April 20, 2017 I. Ethnic conflict a. In some instances, for some people, ethnic identities trump nation state identities i. Possible ex. 1. Hutu and Tutsi groups in Rwanda 2. Sri Lankan and Tamil groups in Sri Lanka 3. Catholics and protestants in Northern Ireland b. Why do these groups end up in conflict? c. Scholars have three main explanation i. Conflict when there is history of conflict ancient hatreds ii. Conflict when a group is treated unfairly grievances (social, economical. . .) iii. Conflict when people cant get what they want by working within the system institutions II. Ancient hatred a. The idea that grips have long lasting disputes that boil over into violence b. This explanation of ethnic violence emphasizes the importance of historical knowledge c. Ex. Rwandan genocide 1994 i. Mass genocidal slaughter of Tutsi by Hutu in Rwanda ii. Roughly 500,000 1 million Tutsi killed 1. Roughly 20 killed of Rwanda population in 100 days iii. Historically Tutsi ruled over hutu during precolonial kingdom iv. During German and Belgian colonial rule, Tutsi remained in high social economic positions v. After colonial independence, political power struggle between the two groups led to civil wars vi. The Rwandan civil war planted the seeds for ethnic genocide d. Ex. Northern Ireland i. Roots of the conflict go back to the 12 century ii. Unionistloyalist who are mostly protestants generally want N.I. to remain within the United Kingdom iii. Irish nationalistrepublican who are mostly Catholics, generally wanted to leave the UN and join a united Ireland iv. Conflict was supposed to have ended with the Belfast good Friday agreement 1998 e. Problems with this perspective
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