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Political Science

Lecture 7 th, April 25 2017 Pol Sci 51A Chapter 5 Democratic Regimes Rudolph Reading, lecture, and textbook 10 multiple questions (Buy scantron F288 What is modernization? I. Political culture a. Norms for political activity b. Shape relationship between citizen and state II. Examples of how political culture vary a. Individualism i. Priority on individuals in society (common in western European democracies) b. Family values i. priority on family groups in society (common in Asian state formation) c. Getting individual opinion may be difficult, in many cultures there is no individual but groupsfamilies. Same thing can be said for women. (the elder or man of the family speaks for the rest of the peoplefamily) d. if you have family values how do you get an individual? III. For the quiz a. What was the political culture in India described by Susanne Rudolph in her article the imperialism f categories b. What was she trying to study? c. How was she trying to get that information? d. What obstacles came in her way? IV. Democracy a. A state cannot be a democracy if it has i. A hereditary monarch ii. An official state sanctioned religion iii. A legislative body that is not subject to elections iv. None of the above, it can have A, B, C and still be a democracy (correct answer) 1. They all describe the United Kingdom a. There is a monarch as head of state, although her practical authority is limited b. The UN has an official religion c. The house of lords (legislative body) is not chosen by election b. Political power exercise either directly or indirectly through participation, competition, and liberty (freedom to choose) c. Forms of democracy i. Liberal 1. Democracy rooted in the idea of liveralism emphasizing individual freedom
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