POL SCI 6C Lecture 4: Lecture 4.1

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Political Science
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William Schonfeld

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Lecture 4 I. Freedom a. Allows us to do and say anything that is not prohibited II. Group Membership a. Maximum number of group members – that’s how we achieve our maximum potential b. Part of someone realizing who they are III. Punishment a. Death – the maximum punishment. There can be nothing worse, it is the eradication of you. b. Exclusion – being kicked out, excommunication IV. Corporate vs. Individual Society a. Exclusion b. Individualism – majority rules c. Corporate – sit, talk, try to agree d. In individualistic society, there are corporate elements. V. Locke a. Wants to describe legitimate (rightful) political authority b. Writing at a time where they live under an autocratic regime, 95% illiterate. c. Provides the theory that justifies what we call the American way d. Three Phases i. Develops a model of the world without government “state of nature” 1. Purpose: to identify what are the characteristics innate to the human spirit and not learned in society? VI. Four basic characteristics of state of nature a. Equality i. Page 8, paragraph 4 “A state also of equality…no one having more than another…” ii. Page 31 paragraph 54 “All men by nature are equal, I cannot be supposed to understand…may subject some…and yet all these…all men are in…natural freedom without being subjected to the will or quality to the will of other men” 1. An equality about obedience, not about everything. No one has a right over anyone else. Slavery is totally incompatible with Locke’s
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