POL SCI 6C Lecture 8: Lecture 8

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Political Science
William Schonfeld

Lecture 8 I. Rousseau Page 50 “Most of our ills are of our own making…by preserving the simple, regular, and solitary lifestyle…I almost dare to affirm that the state of reflection is a state contrary to nature…the man who meditates is a depraved animal” II. P 63-64 “Reason is what engenders egocentrism and reflections…reason is what turns man in upon himself…philosophy is what isolates him and what moves…and yank him from his bed...he has merely to place his hands over his ears…from identifying him with the man being assassin” a. We use out thinking to justify our actions b. We are better off in a state of simplicity without reason III. Page 8 “Our souls have been corrupted as our sciences and our arts have…” IV. General will a. The will is the will of general people, each of who says “this is what I want” and we collect those votes and the majority wins b. P 172 “However it does not follow…we always want what is good for us but…only then does it appear…there is always a great deal of difference. ..whereas the former considers…” i. What’s better for us? c. P 173 i. Its impartial, everyone is treated equally d. P 174 i. The general will must be general in its purpose e. P 224 “As long as several men together consider themselves to be a single body, they have but a single will that is the general will…and the general will being…there are no entangled…demanding only good sense in order to be perceived…upright and simple mend are difficult…with so much art and misery” i. V. Rousseau’s Idea of Leade
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