POL SCI 6C Lecture 14: Lecture 14

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Political Science
William Schonfeld

Lecture 14 I. Marx and Engels a. P 14/224 “The bourgeoisie during its rule…subjection of natures forces…whole populations conjured out of the ground i. This is a world in turmoil, this is a world being revolutionized b. P 17/228 “The lowest strata of the middle class…partly because their diminutive capital does not suffice…in which modern industry is carried on i. The disappearance of the small neighborhood shopkeeper and the replacement by large conglomerates. c. P17-18-19/229 “With the development of industry the proletariat not only increases in number…the workers begin to form combinations against the bourgeoisie…the real fool…the ever expanding union of the worker” i. The Proletariat are realizing their commonality of interest between them ii. The position of the economy is being understood d. P20/230 “IN times when the class struggle…the process of dissolation…assume such a violent…and joins the revolutionary class…the class that holds the future in its hands i. Marx and Engels believe part of the bourgeoisie is going to leave join the proletariat, but this never happened e. P 20/231 “The lower middle class, the small manufacturer…all these fight against the bourgeoisie to save from extinction…fractions of the middle class i. These class groups have disappeared f. P 20/231 “The dangerous class, the social scum…thrown off by the rotting layers of the society” i. P are people who are killing themselves working and being exploited, but the welfare class (the homeless), those are people that Marx and Engels have a
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