POL SCI 6C Lecture 16: Lecture 11.1

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University of California - Irvine
Political Science
William Schonfeld

Lecture 11 I. JS Mill a. P 21 “All silencing of…third we can only improve ourselves by freedom of opinion…that we regard as heredity” i. Concrete and immediately relevant of our world b. P 17 “All silencing of assumption is a … c. P 22 “However positive anyone’s persuasion…but to adopt expression…yet if in pursuance of that private judgment…he prevents the opinion from being heard…he assumes infallible” i. No matter how much we dislike the opinion, any attempt to silence it is an assumption of invalue ii. No opinion should be stifled, no matter how much we disagree, because of the following reasons: 1. You never know if you are right or wrong. Some pretty smart people made horrendous mistakes 2. We can only really believe our opinions are right if they are challenged a. According to Mill, conservatives wont express their views because they believe they are in an environment where their opinions are considered wrong. Liberals act as if their opinions are fact. In this situation, opinions don’t ever get challenged. If you haven’t had your opinion challenged, the opinion is less solid than if you have had it challenged. b. This requires the absence of the suppression of opinions 3. We can only improve ourselves (rectify mistakes and aid mental development) through freedom of opinion 4. There is no practical value in suppressing opinions. a. We don’t accomplish anything or achieve anything by
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