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Lecture 30

PSY BEH 113D Lecture Notes - Lecture 30: Psych

Psychology and Social Behavior
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Professor Valentovich
Psych Behavior 113D
Adult Development
Spring 2019
4 units
MWF 12-12:50 pm
SSL 290
Professor email:
Office hours Wednesday 1-1:50 pm
Final Exam: June 7th, 2019
Transformation of marriage to family
Transition to parenthood: the period of adjustment to the new family status
represented by the presence of a child in the home
Biopsychosocial changes
changes in woman’s body
changes in identity to becoming parent
new roles for both parents including relationships with other
family members
Meta-analysis study of prospective design (couples were studied before and after
child’s birth)
37 studies of couples in their late 20s
Slight decline in relationship satisfaction
Overall effect, not specific to parenthood
Same-sex marriages- couples may experience homophobia but the quality of their
parenting no different than heterosexual parents
Fatherhood- less well-studied, but changes in social interactions within family and
outside of home, relationship with wife appears important predictor; competence
an important factor
Blended families- very little research; some studies suggest greater problems
between mothers and stepchildren vs. fathers and stepchildren
Think-pair-share activity
Do you know people in blended families? How do they compare with
families that are not blended? (stressful mother-stepchild and father-
stepchild relationships?)
If you are a parent, how did you feel when you became a parent? How did
it change your life?
If you are not a parent, how do you think your life will change when you
become a parent?
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