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Lecture 41

PSY BEH 113D Lecture Notes - Lecture 41: Stepfamily, Psych

Psychology and Social Behavior
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Professor Valentovich
Psych Behavior 113D
Adult Development
Spring 2019
4 units
MWF 12-12:50 pm
SSL 290
Professor email:
Office hours Wednesday 1-1:50 pm
Final Exam: June 7th, 2019
Social Relationships
What is the association between marriage and mortality, wellbein
9-15% reduction in mortality among older adults for married men
and women
Greater happiness and quality of life for people who are married.
Prevalence much higher than in 1960
About half of marriages are preceded by cohabitation
Higher divorce rates among those who cohabitate
Prevalence increasing for older adults too
Alternative to marriage
Living Apart Together
About what percentage of the population?
10% of adult population
Is the divorce rate changing?
Declining, in part due to people getting married later
What is divorce proneness”?
Tendency to contemplate divorce when marriage troubles arise
People who are divorce prone are more likely to have an affair
In general, how does parenthood affect relationship satisfaction?
Overall slight decline in satisfaction
What is a blended family?
One where the parents have children from a prior relationship by they
come together as one unit
What does the research say about blended families?
Not much research
Some studies suggest that there are greater problems between mothers and
stepchildren (vice fathers and step-children)
Empty Nest
What is empty nest?
Period in a couple’s life when their children permanently leave home
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