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Lecture 38

PSY BEH 113D Lecture Notes - Lecture 38: Social Exchange Theory, Equity Theory, Psych

Psychology and Social Behavior
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Professor Valentovich
Psych Behavior 113D
Adult Development
Spring 2019
4 units
MWF 12-12:50 pm
SSL 290
Professor email:
Office hours Wednesday 1-1:50 pm
Final Exam: June 7th, 2019
Long-term Relationship Models
How are these models different
Socioemotional selectivity theory
People prefer long-term relationships because these relationships
are believed to maximize their positive affect
Social exchange theory
Relationships are evaluated according to costs and benefits
Equity theory
Partners seek a balance in terms of what each contributes to the
Mental Health and Illness
What are some indicators of mental health?
Positive Self-view
Inflated self-view is associated with better wellbeing
Accurate perception of reality
Environmental mastery
Personality balance
Growth and self-actualization
What are some indicators of mental illness?
Generally, a lack of the factors associated with mental health
Engagement in harmful behaviors to self and others
Behaviors that are perceived as disruptive, maladaptive, abnormal
What is the major psychiatric manual used in the US and Canada
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Criteria require
Fairly high severity
Persists over time
DSM - 5
What benefits does it provide?
Serves as a kind of dictionary, permitting medical professionals and
patients to communicate with greater clarity
Can aid diagnosis and selection of treatment options
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