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Lecture 3

PSY BEH 11B Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Tantrum, Operant Conditioning, Nmda Receptor

Psychology and Social Behavior
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Kier Groulx

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PsyBeh 11B Lecture 3
Instrumental Learning Neural Basis of Learning
Process of eliciting a desired response by rewarding behaviors that are increasingly
similar to that response
o Narrow down range of behaviors rewarded until you get to desired action
Basically, starting small, rewarding as organism gets closer and closer to wanted
o Demands become stricter; rewards only when closer
Video of owner training dog
o Goal Behavior Two feet in the box
Dog learns by trial and error
o What does the trainer saying “yes” serve?
Conditioned reinforce
Not primary because the word “yes” means nothing to the dog; the
primary reinforce to the dog is the treat
Word “yes” has been classically conditioned onto the dog
Dog hears “yes” and knows that treat is coming
One half of the coin that is operant conditioning
Reinforcement consequence causes learner to produce a behavior with greater
o Consequence something that happens after behavior is produced
Not necessarily “bad”
o Operant behavior
Positive Reinforcement a consequences increases what the learner wants
o Allowance contingent on completing weekly chores
Parents want you to do this with more frequency
Award you money as motivation
o “A” on a well written paper
Reinforce good writing habits
Reward is “A”
Negative Reinforcement - consequence that reduces what the learner does not want
o Roommate cleans kitchen to stop being nagged about it
You nag your roommate over and over, when he cleans, you’ll stop
nagging him and it increases likelihood of him cleaning in future to avoid
o Using seatbelt to stop the dinging noise” in your car
Contrasting Positive and Negative Reinforcement
Scenario Parent and Child in Grocery Store
o Child asks for candy bar and parents say no
o Child begins to have a tantrum: screaming and kicking
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