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University of California - Irvine
Psychology and Social Behavior
Kara Thorsen

1/11/12 Course Description - Intro to developmental psychology across the life span - Biological, cognitive, and socio-emotional development o Before birth to death o Interactions among these domains o Contexts of development Lecture - Complete assigned readings before class - Some information is presented only in lecture, some only in the text - Any material from the lecture and book may be included in the exam o Specific dates, ages, and numbers will not be on the exam - Fill-in-blank lecture handouts will be available on the class website around noon the day of lecture - Complete slides are not e-mailed. You may visit TAs office hours to view the slides Discussion Sections and Review Sessions - Discussion Sections o Talk about the material, ask questions about the paper assignment, review exams, etc. - Matt: Tuesday 2-2:50pm, SST 220B - Rupa: Thursday 4:450p,, SSL 145 Communication and e-mail - Regularly check e-mail for important updates o Read all e-mails and attachments o Archive of class e-mails available at EEE - Please allow 24 hours during the week and 48 hours during the weekend for a response - Cannot guarantee a response after 8pm the night before an exam or the paper is due - E-mail Etiquette o All e-mails should include:  A greeting (Hello Dr. Thorson)  Text with proper grammar and capitalization  A respectful tone  Your name at the end o If you have several questions or require a detailed answer, it may be best to visit office hours Exams - Midterm exam (week 6, Wednesday, February 15 7-9pm)th o 50 multiple choice questions worth 1 pt each (50 pts) st - Final exam (Wednesday, March 21 , 7-9pm) o 50 multiple choice questions worth 1 pt each (50 pts) - Curve for the Midterm and Final Exam o Not a traditional curve o Adjusted so the class mean is approximately a C+; if the mean falls at or above a C+, no adjustment will be made o All grades adjusted equally - Make-up exams o Require a medical excuse with documentation o Make-up exam must be taken within one week o If you do not show up for a make-up exam appointment, you will receive a 0 Paper Assignment - Interview an adult over age 40 and ask them to describe a life-changing event o Theoretical or textbook interpretation; compare to recent research - Detailed guidelines and
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