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University of California - Irvine
Psychology and Social Behavior
Kara Thorsen

Lecture 18 - Death and Dying Life Span Developmental Psychology th March 14 , 2012 Life Expectancy in the U.S.  Whites o Males: 76 yrs o Females: 81 yrs  African-Americans o Males: 69.5 yrs o Females: 76.5 yrs  All Races o Males: 75 yrs o Females: 80 yrs Leading Causes of Death over the Lifespan  Infancy o SIDS, Congenital abnormalities  Early childhood o Unintentional injuries (UI); illness (heart, cancer, birth defects)  Teen years o UI (car accidents), suicide and homicide  Early adulthood o UI, cancer, heart disease  Middle adulthood o Cancer, heart disease, UI  Older adulthood o Heart diseases, cancers, stroke Confronting Death  Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: Stage theory of death and dying o Denial & isolation o Anger o Bargaining o Depression o Acceptance  Developed through interviews of dying people & their caregivers After death…  Bereavement: state of loss  Grief: emotional response to loss  Mourning: reactions to death (Culturally prescribed) Basic Facts About Bereavement  In US approx. 800,000 people are widowed each year  Presently more than 10 million widows, 3 million widowers in the US  Only one quarter of widows remarry within 5 years of loss of spouse  Most widows remain single for the rest of their life, for an average of 19.5 years  Widows and especially widowers have higher mortality  10% to 20% are clinically depressed one year after death of spouse Stages of Grief  Proposed by Parkes and Bowlby o Numbness o Yearning o Disorganization & despair o Reorga
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