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University of California - Irvine
Psychology and Social Behavior
Stephanie Mc Ewan

Class Lecture Outline No. 1: Introduction to the Course Page1 of3 I. INTRODUCTION AND REVIEW OF CLASS SYLLABUS. II. INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOPATHOLOGY (ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY). A. DIFFERENT TYPES OF PSYCHOLOGICAL PRACTITIONERS. B. THE MEANING OF "ABNORMALITY" IN PSYCHOPATHOLOGY- Pattern of thoughts, emotion, and behavior that result in personal distress or a significant impairement in a person’s social or occupational functioning. Social norms- the cultural rules that tell us how to behave or not to behave in various situations especially in relation to other people. 1. Distress or Psychological Suffering. 2. Dysfunctional or Impaired Functioning. 3. Deviant, Irrational and Unpredictable Behavior. C. THE "DIAGNOSTIC AND STATISTICAL MANUAL OF MENTAL DISORDERS" (DSM). 1. The Disadvantages of Classifying Mental Disorders. (a) creates a Social Stigma- people start to identify with their disorder but it doesn’t mean they will have it their whole life. (b) Stereotyping. (c) Labeling. D. CULTURE SPECIFIC DISORDERS. E. RESEARCH AND PSYCHOPATHOLOGY. F. SOURCES OF RESEARCH INFORMATION. 1. Case Studies. 2. Self-Reporting Inventories. 3. Observational Approaches. G. OVERVIEW OF PSYCHOTHERAPY MODELS. 1. Stressful Life Experiences. 2. The Therapeutic Alliance. H. COGNITIVE-BEHAVIORAL PSYCHOTHERAPY: patient is made aware  of the connection between his/her patterns of distorted thinking and the  patient's emotional responses -Client learns how to refrain from doing any of the following things: 1. selectively perceiving the world around them as harmful while ignoring the evidence to the contrary 2. overgeneralizing on the basis of limited examples such as viewing themselves as total worthless. 3. Magnifying the significance of undesirable events. 4. Engaging in absolutist thinking such as viewing oneself as a worthless student as opposed to a wo
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