PSY BEH 11B Lecture 8: Lecture 8 (Emotion Signals Importance, Blocking and Binding Errors)

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Psychology and Social Behavior
Kier Groulx

PsyBeh 11B – Week 4 Lecture 7 – Emotion Signals Importance, Blocking, Intrusion Errors DVD summary • Adrenaline is a hormone and neurotransmitter o Whenever danger threatens or in emergency o Triggers fight-or-flight response • Injections of adrenaline after a learning episode increase retention o Happens because evolution created a link in which adrenaline also marks an event as important for memory • The studies of adrenaline and beta-blocker argue convincingly that adrenaline mediates the link between stress responses and improved memory. In rats. The question of whether this result applies to humans is a question of external validity Two distinct roles of amygdala in memory • During fear conditioning, area of amygdala associates sensory stimuli with the events they predict o Later, when similar stimuli are detected, another area of the amygdala elicits fear responses • Other areas of amygdala respond to adrenaline; signaling to brain the presence of something “important” about to happen; should be remembered o When adrenaline rush, signals to brain that it should be remembered Blocking • Info is available in long term memory but inaccessible • Effects of Materials and Age on the Incidence of Blocking o Why we Block on “Baker”s more than “baker”s ▪ Proper names are not connotative; they denote individuals who are called by them, but don’t indicate or imply any attributes belonging to those individuals ▪ Proper names are blocked because they are less well integrated in memory ▪ Descriptive proper names lead to less blocking than other proper names Localization of Recall for Names • LS a patient unable to produce proper names o Most cognitive abili
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