Notes on Psychological Development of Infants

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Psychology and Social Behavior
Valerie Wright

Development 1  Attachment: the infant primate becomes “attached” to its mother.  All normal kids are attached to their mother/caregiver.  Aimsworth studied “attachment” to understand the basis and mechanisms for love.  Bowlby argues that disruption of a child’s initial attachment with its mother (or that’s the mother child relationship) forms a working model: a template for ALL later relationships  Socialization research, how the environment may affect the child’s psychological/social development. o Ex: children that are attached tend to be happier/interact more/have more friends/less anxiety.  Socialization research is based on correlations, not experiments. o Random assignmentmanipulationoutcome o Groups are treated identically except for the manipulation o Can’t do experiments with attachments because can’t separate kids from parents for experimental control.  Socialization research takes advantage of natural variations in parenting behavior: o Groups may have pre-existing differences o Manipulations cannot be controlled o Groups may not be treated identically  Correlational research provides weak claims for causality. (doesn’t mean attachment CAUSES that outcome)  Summarize: correlation vs. causation o Demonstrating that a correlation exists between 2 variables is useful. o We cannot safely infer that variation in one variable causes changes in the other.  Experiments conduct these experiments in order to show the benefits of different lifestyles o If you do the right things, y
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