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Psychology and Social Behavior
Paul Howland

Literary Genres General List Fiction Genres Fairy TalesDefinition Literary genre that is a story usually forchildren about elves hobgoblins dragons fairies or other magical creaturesExamples Hansel and Gretal Jack and theBeanstalk The Ugly Duckling The Shoemaker andthe Elves Goldilocks and the Three BearsFantasyDefinition Literary genre that is an imaginative or fanciful work esp one dealing with supernatural or unnatural events or charactersExamples The Book of Three The Dark Is Rising Five Children and It Half Magic The House with a Clock in Its Walls A Wrinkle in Time Folk TalesDefinition Literary genre that is a tale or legendoriginating and traditional among a people or folk especially forming part of the oral tradition of thecommon people Any belief or story passed on traditionally especially one considered to be falseor based on superstitionExamples Cinderella Little Red Riding Hood Princess Furball Why Mosquitos Buzz in Peoples Ear How Many Spots Does a Leopard Have Tall TalesDefinition Literary genre that is an extravagantlyand humorously exaggerated story of thebackwoods exploits of an American frontiersmanExamples Johnny Appleseed Billy the Kid BuffaloBill Paul Bunyan Davy CrockettFableDefinition Literary genre that is a brief allegoricalnarrative in verse or prose illustrating a moralthesis or satirizing human beings The characters of a fable are usually animals who talk and act likepeople while retaining their animal traitsExamples The Boy Who Cried Wolf The city Mouseand the Country Mouse The Lion and the MouseAdventure Definition Literary genre pertaining to an excitingor very unusual experience participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises a bold usually risky undertaking or hazardous action ofuncertain outcomeExamples Wild Timothy Tracks in the Snow TheIncredible Journey Island of the Blue DolphinsHatchet The Whipping Boy The Princess Bride
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