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Psychology and Social Behavior
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Paul Howland

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QuestionAnswer Relationships QARs WHATQAR is an instructional activity designed to provide students and teachers with a common vocabulary to discuss different types of questions Raphael 1982 1986Students and teachers study four levels of questions when using this instructional strategyThe chart describes the levels of questionsIn the text In my head Author and You Right There The reader will not find the answer to The reader can easily find answers to Author and Youquestions in the textRight There questions in the textThese However the reader must use information are literal questions regarding the textgiven in the text along with what the Stems for Right There questions might reader already knows on there own to begin with name the main character answer the questionThis is a higher how many what is or who is order thinking questionOn My Own Think and Search The reader can answer On My Own The reader must think about the ideas in question without reading the text The the text and how they are connected and answer comes from the readers own search the entire text to find the experiences and backgroundAfter information to answer the quest
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