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Psychology and Social Behavior
Paul Howland

Outline of the Immune Response Virus invades the body through the skin o Macrophages and neutrophils at the invasion site respond to the pathogenInitial nonspecific response results in inflammation at the invasion siteMediated by the production of interleukin1 Il1 interleukin6 Il6 and tumor necrosis factor TNF o Vasodilationfollowing the activities of the macrophages increased blood flow to the invasion site bring additional immune cells o Increased vascular permeabilityenables immune cells to move more quickly o Feversystemic increases in temperature can help make the response to the pathogen more efficient o Edemafluid travels to the invasion site and causes swelling o Macrophages and neutrophils in the skin call for additional macrophages and neutrophilsChemotaxischemical attraction of additional macrophages and monocytes to the invasion siteMediated by the production of cytokines including interleukin1 Il1 interleukin8 and interferon o Macrophages and neutrophils begin the process of phagocytosis of virallyinfected cellsMacrophages and neutrophils display a portion of the virus to signal additional immune cells through antigen presentationBcells and Tcells can see these tags and respond appropriately if they have been exposed to this pathogen before o Natural Killer NK cells also attack virally infected cellsRelease
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