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Lecture 1

PUBHLTH 1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Yellow Fever, Public Health, Rockefeller Foundation

Public Health
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Zuzana Bic

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#1: Based on the lecture 1 at (33:31-33:42 min): Do you agree that the philosophy of social
justice is preferable to the philosophy of market justice? Which is likely to lead to greater
improvements in public health? Explain.
Yes; social justice is likely to lead to greater improvements for public health, compared to
market justice, because the former views public health as basic necessity and wants to improve
public health as a whole for the community through government intervention, while the latter
believes in minimal government guidance and is more focused on the wants of individuals.
Social justice does require initial costs, but the long-term benefits of better health for the public
outweighs the costs. For example, the U.S. government has placed policies to reduce pollution to
provide for clean air at the increased price of cars and luxuries. Scientific integrity in government
intervention is also necessary in order to improve public health for the community. In 2004, the
Bush administration received heavy criticism due to its misrepresentation of public health
science, and later, the Obama administration attempted to correct the wrongdoings of the former
by pushing for policies based on honest science. To do this, a group of qualified professionals
must form a team to be able to publicize impeding public health issues that needs to be
addressed. Social justice is concerned with the community and believes that individuals will
benefit in the long-run.
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#2: Based on the lecture 1 at (18:17-19:30 min ): Describe some actions that governments
have taken to ensure that people are safer and healthier today than they were 100 years
Over the past century, the government has reformed and mandated policies based on public
health issues in order to provide a better community for its residents. Such policies include, but is
not limited to, clean water, efficient sewage disposal, better safety of food supplies, medical
services such as hospitals and nursing homes, and vaccinations to prevent the spread of
infectious diseases. Unlike medical care, which focuses on curing the patient of the disease,
public health focuses on the prevention of disease and disability for the long-term by first
identifying and then addressing the problem. With better technology and reasonable government
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