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Lecture 35

PUBHLTH 2 Lecture Notes - Lecture 35: Dengue Fever, Insulin, Health Care Reform

Public Health
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Zuzana Bic

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Austin Maldanado
Professor Bic
Public Health 2
TWhat is the main reason coal-fired plants are potentially harmful for our environment
and/or population?
These plants have little regulation concerning dumping the coal and have
hazardous byproducts
Which of the following was a problem resulting from the DES pill?
All of the above
Mothers who took DES while pregnant felt guilty and caused emotional
Daughters affected by DES and then diagnosed with clear cell
adenocarcinoma felt insecure of their bodies after surgeries that removed
their vagina and uterus
The effect of DES put strains on marriage because of the common effect
of infertility and other medical problems
Which of the following are symptoms of dengue fever?
Sudden, high fever, rash, intense headaches, severe muscle aches and serious joint
According to the Hawaii PH news article which disease has hit Hawaii very recently?
Dengue fever breakbone fever”
Keeping trust within a community is not necessary during a time of a public health
outbreak and crisis.
The two main issues that UNICEF faced in their Oral Rehydration Program in Zambia
was providing less funds that were needed, and on how to most effectively distribute the
ORSs, given that many of the roads were run down.
In the "Free Baby Formula" case, many health professionals believed hospitals
undermined breast-feeding by the widespread practice of giving new mothers free
formula supplied by formula manufacturers. (question not listed on study guide)
Complete the following
What preparations should be made to head off future epidemics that might occur during a
mosquito season?
All of the above
Educational materials and trainings
Public service announcements via media outlets
Create a public hotline to answer the public’s questions, concerns and
complaints regarding the outbreak
Insulin is a necessary hormone to help patients with diabetes.
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