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Religious Studies
Chris Mc Kenna

Question 1 The Spread of Islam BookIslam is not only a postJewish postChristian religion but also a missionary religion Muslims believed that they were also one of the religions of the Book but had the true message that was to be worshipped by everyone They believed that their message was to intended to be practiced in a community so they believed it was important for them to regulate their relations with nonMuslim citizens especially Jews and Christians and eventually Zoroastrians and Hindus As a religiopolitical power Islam was spread by conquest and military occupation in the first century and subsequent centuries contributing to Islams dominance Over time the influence of mystics teachers and traders through preachings and living examples of Muslims that helped spread Islam further out of Arabia and across the worldIn the late seventh century Muslims moved into North Africa which had been an important Roman province and home of Latin Christianity spreading the Islamic culture North Africa was rich in cultural and religious diversity maintaining a religious and cultural identity that reflected its ancient heritage The spread of Islam from Syria to North Africa was due to the North African mystics religious scholars and philosophers The religious scholars and Sufi master in the nineteenth and twentieth century helped preserve the North African religious and cultural identity including the classical Islamic heritage when fighting the European colonial powers for its independenceIslamic Spain was the cultural center of Europe with students traveling to study Islamic theology philosophy and sciences Jews living in Spain faced harsh restrictions by Catholic Christian rul
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