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Social Ecology
Mu- Chun Chen

E8 Lecture 2.2 -------------- the economy- to save money- people need to make and want to make money that motivation often overrides the environmental response that might be indicating.. even if we see something happening--who is going to pay for it? if there is this response that no one knows is going to work, and someone has to pay for it- is it fair to make people pay for a response that isnt even guaranteed to work and we are not even clear on what the problem is? south central asian country in top most populous both in 2010 and 2050 Bangladesh human gene selection occurs more rapidly than previously thought, with hundreds of changes identified within only 10,000 years ago----when Neolithic age -when we invented agriculture the sting in the tail when we used our amazing ingenuity to select for traits that allowed us to cultivate incredibly successful foods, we unknowingly set in motion a strong selective regime on ourselves (ie. selective pressure on humans via diet of carbohydrates) (pp 51) "by witnessing aquaculture, the present day equivalent of the neolithic revolution, i began to gain an insight into the events that occurred 10,000 years ago. (p.27) necessity is the mother of invention story to relate to what may have happened in the text is explained in aquaculture -we have become sophisticated and have mastered farming of aquaculture -because we are running out of the wild stuff -what happened with the invention of ag 10k yrs ago- started to run out of grasses, food Levant---Kabarrans were the first to start harvesting wild grasses and invented flour from grinding up the grains -the wild grass started to
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