SOC SCI 164B Lecture 9: Soc Sci 164b Lecture 9 Week 5

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Social Science
Al Valdez

Soc Sci 164b Lecture 9 Week 5 5/3/2017 12:35:00 AM Hand signs have been used and been around for thousands of years Flagging/Stacking = telling a story with your hands about your gang affiliation, usually with music Crip walking/blood walking = done with hands and body and stacking Two major gangs (folk nation and people nation gangs) Folk Nation gangs • Midwestern version of west coast Crips = folk nation gangs • Folk Nation is an umbrella term for approximately 225 different street gangs • Now align themselves with west coast Crips • The Folk nation gangs will “dress right,” which means that they will wear their hats tilted toward the right side of their bodies, earrings will be worn in the right ear, belt buckles will be on the right side of the mid-line, and other items of clothing will all have a right side of the body if possible • Folk nation gangs orient themselves to the RIGHT • The members will stand leaning to the right with arms crossed, but with the right arm on top. They will roll the right cuff up on their pants and will even color the inside pocket of the pants with their gang colors West coast bloods and crips rely on graffiti Folk and people nation gangs use graffiti but use mostly symbolism • Identify with the number 6 in many forms (6 point star, 6 point crown) • Pitch forks • Identify with a heart with wings • Identify with a backwards swastika • Rabbit with one ear bent down People nation gang symbols • Pyramid • Identify with number 5 (5 point star, 5 point crown) West coast bloods and crips cross out each other’s graffiti as a form of disrespect; people and folk nation gangs draw each other’s symbols upside down as disrespect People nation gangs • Umbrella term for approximately 150 different street gangs • Midwest version of west coast Blood gangs • Now align with west coast Blood gangs • The people nation gangs dress LEFT, a reversal of the Folk nation’s style of dressing right • Street gangs making up the People nation gangs, as with most gang sets, personalize their particular gang’s logo • People gang symbols may include pyramids, the all-seeing eye, five-pointed stars, canes, cocktail glasses, three-or-five pointed crowns People nation gang symbols • Regular bunny head with both ears up • The number 5 • Five point star • Five on a dice • Pyramid • Crescent **FR6 = Folk nation gangs, align right, number 6 **PL5 = People nation gangs, align left, number 5 Largest gang for people nation = Latin Kings = based off Chicago and New York People nation gangs = majority are Latino with good percentage being Black Folk nation gangs = majority are Black with good percentage being Lati
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