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Lecture 12

SOC SCI 164B Lecture 12: Soc Sci 164b Lecture 12 Week 6

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Social Science
Al Valdez

Soc Sci 164b Lecture 12 Week 6 5/11/2017 6:23:00 PM Asian Street Gangs • 1978 SEA street gangs – Vietnamese • initially had no names • loosely organized (no formal leadership) • did not associate on a continual basis • initially formed for protection • 1980 SEA street gangs – Vietnamese • 1983 = Cambodian and Laotian gangs are turf oriented • Vietnamese Female gangs were associated with one male gang. Treated as little sisters, with respect. Female gangs started rivalries • TRG (became a coed gang) Asian gang members started to be seen with cigarette burns. At first, they were thought to be a form of child abuse • The burns were self-inflicted and a sign of commitment to the gang American occidental street gangs influence Asian street gangs In the early 1980 Vietnamese street gangs were starting to get influenced by the existing street gangs, especially behaviors, customs and indicia Hung Pho mimic western gang culture through memes; Vietnamese street gangs are not territorial Viet street gangs are very mobile Currently, TRG (Tiny Rascal Gang) is a coed gang Currently, TRG allows anybody (any race) to be in the gang TRG is the only multiracial Asian gang White members in Asian gangs = ‘snowball’ Cambodian gangs = claim turf; all other Asian gangs don’t claim turf All gangs get involved in home invasion robberies Asian street gangs • Home invasion robbery • Drug sales • Prostitution • Alien smuggling • Gun running • Robbery • Burglary • Extortion • Murder • Welfare / insurance fraud • Petty theft • Counterfeit checks and credit cards These gangs were called super gangs at one moment because law enforcement was scared of them too “Shower possies” = name given to Jamaican gangs in the southeast; they would shower you with lead (bullets) Asian Street gangs • 1990 Southeast Asian • Females involved in crime
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