SOC SCI 164D Lecture 3: Soc Sci 164D Lecture 3 Week 2

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University of California - Irvine
Social Science
Al Valdez

Soc Sci 164d Lecture 3 Week 2 14:56 Three major causes as to why we have street gangs and gangs in general: Class distinction Bias Racism Media drives public behavior Zoot suits became an informal symbol of contraband If you’re wearing a zoot suit, you were supposedly anti-American and the media helped perpetrate this Women love uniforms World War II What did we do to the Japanese Americans during the war? We put them in concentration (internment) camps Called them Japs and nobody trusted them Stereotypes happen at home Kids mimic whatever behavior their parents do When people are marginalized, you don’t get an equal shot as the rest of the community does Marginalization can be real or perceived People use violence in this country as a tool/solution This country loves violence Americans are addicted as violence and use it as a form of entertainment American Violence 2011 We have over 2.3 million people in custody Over 5 million on probation/parole America spends over 60 billion dollars a year to incarcerate Per capita America puts more people in prison than any other country in the world The cycle of violence seen in colonial America is used in street gangs today; they call it the payback No insult ever goes unanswered no matter how small Gangs are a function of demographics and geography. Migration is more profound now than 25 years ago When people move, they tend to take their culture with them If you are legitimately from CA, you have a social celebrity street status in rural America Gangs are moving from big cities to rural towns in America and taking the gang culture with them 1/3 of people on welfare live in the state of California the majority of gang members in the united states are adults (anyone over 18 years of age) age group 14-24 in America = majority of where gang violence and gun violence and drug abuse occur 72% of street gangs range from ages 14-24 the majority of
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