SOC SCI 164D Lecture 7: Soc Sci 164d Lecture 7 Week 4

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Social Science
Al Valdez

Soc Sci 164d Lecture 7 Week 4 4/25/2017 4:51:00 PM Crips started for protection Tunnel vision makes kids think they only have limited options Poverty affects brain development Growing up in a dysfunctional family, early exposure to violence, in a neighborhood where violence is used Richard K • His father would beat him to get his attention • Get whoopings from his dad for no reason whenever • His mom would beat him too • Richard’s mother believed that harsh discipline should go with a religious education • He was raised Catholic • Father abandoned the family • He used to take the beating but then he gave beatings • He lived a double life; was a serial killer Ed Geen? • Serial killer • Father and mother really strict • Cut breasts and vaginas off of dead women and kept them in his barn like a scene out of a horror movie • Crazy ass fool who was traumatized when he was younger because his mom would punish him for getting erections by washing his dick with steaming hot water When puberty starts for men, they get spontaneous, random erections sometimes When you’re poor, how do you eat? • When you’re poor, there is an easy money source in gangs Family life can have a profound impact on childhood development Children mimic parent’s behavior and attitudes • Children see, children do Drug use by juveniles • Do males respond differently than females? o Ladies think differently and process information differently than male do o Yes they do o Males tend to think they’re not addicted to drugs • Does age effect addiction? Crying is not a sign of weakness; crying is when you have so much emotional and psychological crap in your brain that you need some way to release it Girls can get addicted to drugs easier than men What happens to the brain when you take a drug? Drugs of addiction play tricks on the brain’s reward system When you release dopamine, that’s when you feel good When you’re in imminent danger, you can fight, flight, or freeze (controlled by reptilian brain) You never reach t
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