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Lecture 12

SOC SCI 164D Lecture 12: Soc Sci 164d Lecture 12 Week 6

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University of California - Irvine
Social Science
Al Valdez

Soc Sci 164d Lecture 12 Week 6 5/11/2017 4:56:00 PM When you grow up poor and grow up in poverty, you think you have limited choices and get what’s called tunnel vision Neighborhood and family are the key factors out of the five factors that could be positive factors If you have no parents or your parents break up, you’re at a greater risk to join a gang If you’re going to have success, all you need to do is impact the life of one person Katie’s letter • 16 year old Vietnamese girl • hangs out with girl gang at her high school in Westminster • part of the scissors female gang • starts flirting with a guy who is the head of a gang (Dragon Family) • that guy’s girlfriend thinks she’s mad dogging him • he gets a gun and shoots Katie • She mutters that “Phong did this” before she passes out • she survives after like 12 surgeries in the gang culture, if you stare at someone you are mad dogging them and that is looked at an insult Victim impact statement • Victim gets to try to compel the judge to sentence the defendant for the maximum amount of time • If you are a victim of homicide, your family can speak on your behalf Seattle Study • Youth joined gangs as a result of antisocial influences in neighborhoods, antisocial tendencies in families and peers, failure to perform well in school and early initiati
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