Soc Sci 184GW Lecture 1: Week 0 (Intro) Lecture

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Published on 29 Mar 2016
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1. The Writing Process
This class is about being an effective writer, not a great writer
(since most of us won’t be great writers)
Convey ideas convincingly
Not mysterious if you break it down into steps
2. Media writing: writing for mass consumption (for an audience
that is broader than a circle of friends, FB, Twitter)
Effective media writing has to hook readers right away
Important because nobody HAS to read your writing
Engaging readers is crucial to being a professional
3. The importance of effective writing
Every word should count and should be there for a reason
Don’t write words just to fill up space
Media writing is not about fluff, but is shorter than anything else
you’ve written
If you can get someone to read from start to finish, then it’s a home
This style of writing puts the most important points first
4. What you should expect to learn
How to be a better writer (continuous process)
How to pinpoint weaknesses
5. What we expect of you
Meet deadlines first
No tolerance for excuses
Unless it’s literally impossible to turn in an assignment, a request to
ask for more time will be denied
oImpossible situation example: student in China where there
was a typhoon that hit and couldn’t charge her computer (he
checked IP address and read about it on the Internet)
Effort + Result
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find more resources at