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Lecture 2

SOC SCI H1F Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Body Politic, Corporatism, Murder Of Kitty GenovesePremium

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Social Science
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William R Schonfeld

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Jessica Mangold
SocCore H1F
Professor Schonfeld & Scavio
Week 1 Lecture 2
Locke & Rousseau
- in our society we tend to prioritize the individual
- value diverse opinions & uniqueness
- uniqueness is a good thing, a compliment
- other societies are much more focused on the collective
- tension between Western Christianity & Muslim East
- tension between how the individual in a society fits in
- Locke & Rousseau -> want to get insight into larger international struggle
- 2012 Egyptian citizen of US produced video about Mohammad
- video was eventually talked about in Egypt & led to enormous protests
- video viewed as being extremely sac-religious
- street protests largely carried out by those who had not actually seen the video
- made front page of New York Times
- freedom in some areas -> right of community to be free of insult to its values
- different from focus on individual freedom
- able to be blasphemous
- express your view without regard to what anyone else thinks, wants, or
believes in US
- insulting a faith involves insulting an entire nation that holds those beliefs
*different conceptions of what freedom looks like
Sovereignty of Individual
- modern idea that can do whatever you want that is only constrained by not hurting
- focused on physical harm
- can still attack someone’s beliefs which can be emotionally hurtful
- society exists as collection of individuals & the individual makes up building blocks
- what’s good for society is good for the individual
- rejects individualism unequivocally
- individual is finite being that belongs to virtually permanent institution
- the community serves as the building block for society
- has own culture, ideas, beliefs, etc.
- individuals will live & die but the community is virtually immortal
- each individual only matters in the sense that matter to the body politic
- individual functions can be critical to functioning of the body politic
Our Society
- we have bits & pieces of individualism & corporatism in our society
- in military, individual soldiers realize & accept fact that might put their life in danger to
say a fellow soldier & are supposed to do that
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