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Sexuality, Gender,Advice: Sociology Notes 3/13/14 Tuesday, 10:30am exam Abeer Hamza al-Janabi Human Sexuality: • socially constructed • sexual appetite is innate/instinctual, but how you do it is socially constructed ( must be learned and is governed by norms); there are rules of sexual behavior • Norms governing sexuality are relevant to the time and place • Traditional norms in the USA have been as followed (APPROVED): o straight/heterosexual o marital o monogamy: one partner o same race o same generation o “missionary” • NOTAPPROVED o different races o single o more than 25 years difference o gay o cohabitation o non-monogamous o same generation for the most part • Masturbation: more accepted by social norms now vs. prior • Sexuality is affected by technological development and by the type of economy the society has and by urbanization o Technological development:  before the automobile, courting took place on the porch  invention of car allowed the leaving the house to go off on a date  invention of the phone: phone sex  computer camera:  VCR and VHS: made it possible to bring pornography in the privacy of the home o Type of economy:  Modern world has a private enterprise economy built around the quest for profit =capitalism  The inherent tendency of capitalism is to commodify anything possible, including sex in advertising  Commercialization of sexualization • commodification of your games (sperm, eggs, reproductive tissue/gametes)
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