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Lecture 6

SOCECOL E8 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Brownfield Land, Water Pollution

Social Ecology
Course Code
John M.Whiteley

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Professor Zanotto/Whiteley
Social Ecology Department
Social Ecology E8
Environmental Analysis and Design
Course Code: 50000
Discussion Code: 50001
4 units
No Prerequisites
Location: SSLH 100
2019 Spring Quarter
Beginning of Lecture:
What are the main impacts of california’s drought?
California’s climate
What is the case of China about?
Water pollution due to industrialization in china
Environmental Justice
What does environmental justice mean?
Fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of
race, color, national origin, or income with respect to the development,
implementation, and enforcement laws, regulations, and policies
What are some examples of environmental justice/injustice?
Examples of environmental injustice
Areas with higher percentage of minorities have higher
concentration of hazardous air pollution
Minorities are more likely to live in areas with abandoned toxic
waste sites
Most brownfields are located in or near minority communities
Minorities are more likely to live in environmental hazardous areas
People of color are exposed to more air pollution than whites
Unequal exposures is a racial, not an economic issue
The difference in exposure of people above and below the
poverty line is less than that between black and white
Why is climate change an environmental justice issue?
Climate change has disproportionate impacts on minority communities
People who have the fewest resources are the least capable of rebuilding
after a disaster
Climate change disproportionately hurts women, people with disabilities,
the elderly, and children
When looking at the relationship between polluting facilities (such as toxic
storage and disposal facilities TSDF) what do the sitting and move-in hypotheses
Were toxic storage and disposal facilities sited in minority communities or
did minority residents move to areas around existing TSDF facilities
Sitting hypothesis
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